Our Fit

Gentle but strong craftwomanship

That's Ethically Made

No attitudes, no egos, just passion. We're a solid crew of people brought together by the desire to create and share the word about the best bras for real women.

Crafted with Love
& Experience

At Montelle, we know fit. All product development is powered by women who understand curves, in-house in Montreal, Canada. The team includes pattern makers, seamstresses, and technical fit specialists.

The Head Fit Technician has over 35 years of experience in bra and lingerie fitting and development. This know-how enables us to control every step, ensuring that the fit of each garment is made to love.

Unique Fit

Our cups are uniquely ours

A lot of other brands purchase stock cup moulds to go into their bras. As a Montelle cup shape is being developed, the prototype is fitted on live models in 34B, 34D, 34DD, 38DD and 36G, at every step along the way.

Any time a change is made this process starts again so that we are sure our bras are comfy and supportive across a large size range - on real women, with many shapes and sizes of boobs.

Tough love

Everything we make goes through extensive wash and wear testing to make sure it will still look beautiful long after it’s be en loved and worn. In fact, the whole company gets involved, so the bra will be supportive and comfortable, no matter what life throws at it.

We wear our bras everyday, and they support us in everything we do. We won't settle for anything less than the best.

- The Montelle Team