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80 Sizes Available

Fitting Band Sizes 30-42 & Cups A-H.

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Find your Perfect Bra Size

Finding your Montelle size is easy. All you need is a measuring tape and we’ll do the hard work for you. Plug the numbers into our handy calculator to find your bra size!

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Flattering Style for your Curves

Lacy? Full coverage? Push-up? Find the bra style that’s most flattering for you in the fit that's just right.

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Find Your Size
Find Your Size

Something’s not Right?

Here’s our easy troubleshooting guide. Are you experiencing pinching? Poking? Digging? Slipping straps? Gaping cups? You shouldn’t! Let us help you get the perfect fit.

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Want Bras that last longer?

Learn how to give your bras the TLC they deserve and find tips to extend their lifespan.

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