The Sweetest Day

Valentine’s day usually means one of two things for most people: a lovely day to cherish your sweetheart, or a miserable day where your singleness is rubbed in your face (it’s a stupid made-up commercial day anyways, right?). But whether you are single or married, gay or straight, the most important person you can love is yourself.

Showing both yourself and your loved ones how much you appreciate them on Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to done the traditional way: by giving chocolates and flowers. In our busy lives, what is the ultimate gift we can give ourselves? Serenity, relaxation, and peace of mind, can be more satisfying than a mouthful of sugar or a vase filled with perishable plants. Transform Valentine’s Day from a commercial, “Hallmark happy” sugar festival, into a day that is meaningful for both you and those you love.

Couples massage is a popular gift for Valentine’s Day, but if you are not in a couple, why not treat yourself to one? Nothing will help you leave the pressures of having to find a soul mate and the anxiety from your professional life like a relaxing, deep-tissue massage. Yoga can also help bring you into a very relaxed state. If you are in need of something uplifting, how about trying a zumba class, or any kind of dance-oriented cardio work out.

No matter how you chose to celebrate February 14th, make sure it feels good for you. There should be no pressure, stress or depression on this day. Whether you choose to pamper your self or your partner (or both), make sure you keep health and quality of life in mind, as opposed to cliché try-hard gifts that don’t truly elevate the spirit. At Miel® Sisters we have cute little rose shaped underwear sets, perfect for transitioning from work, to the gym or for a night on the town. Show the woman you love how much you appreciate her active and healthy lifestyle. We think this is sexier than giving her some lingerie she wont even want to wear for more than 3 minutes! We adore Valentine’s Day because it celebrates love, which is essential for health! Celebrate health—it will be the most loving thing you can do.

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