Who we are

We are a lifestyle brand and we believe in helping
others maximize happiness and fulfillment.

We wanted a brand that fit our ethos.

A name that was synonymous with our mission to provide quality, versatility, comfort and effortless style that makes you feel and look amazing.

The Inej Brand

The name Inej means “One who has faith.”

One who loves adventure, meeting new people, and who will provide comfort to those in need.

A person to whom “Home” is not a place, but
where there are family and friends.

Meet the Founders

As working moms, we wanted to create a collection that was designed for how we actually live - going from school drop offs to business meetings to dinner parties to at-home movie nights.

The designs and fabrics transition easily from sleepwear to ready-to-wear.


We incorporate sustainable, natural fabrics from trusted manufacturers.

Our prints are digital (rather than dyed) and oeko-tech certified (meaning every component of the product has been rigorously tested for harmful substances to protect your health).

Morning, Night and Everything in Between