Mommy & Miel

We are proud to join forces with MotherFood International® to give mothers and babies the support they need when they need it most thanks to the Mommy&Miel campaign.

With every miel® item purchased at, Miel Sisters will donate a fortified prenatal health bar to a pregnant or lactating woman in need in Colombia.

MotherFood International®: Supporting Women of All Ages around the World.

Based in Montréal, MotherFood International strives to break the cycle of maternal malnutrition, which leads to stunting and maternal mortality, by providing adolescent, pregnant and lactating women with nutritious food options.

The first 1,000 days in a baby's life, from conception to second birthday, are critical when it comes to his or her healthy growth and development. According to MotherFood International, studies have shown that malnutrition contributes to developmental issues such as stunting and results in close to half the deaths in children under five years of age.

In collaboration with global and local partners, MotherFood International develops affordable fortified health bars that are designed for lo cal palates using local ingredients, factories and women-led distribution networks. By working with local women and farmers, it contributes to the value of the local agricultural food chain while supporting local female entrepreneurs.

Miel®: helping women feel comfortable in their own skin

As mothers and entrepreneurs originally from Colombia, Camila and Valeria, the sisters behind miel®, felt compelled to play an active role in helping women in their homeland gain access to a healthy daily diet. As designing sisters working in Montréal, they have been creating innovative seamless lingerie for stylish and active women since 2008. "We draw our inspiration from today's modern woman; she is strong, confident and always on the go. Our pieces not only fit her busy lifestyle, they complement it and allow for a comfortable and easy transition from one activity to the next," says Camila. With the launch of the Mommy&Miel campaign, their wish is to help women and children in Colombia and eventually well beyond these borders.