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Rapid moisture-moving technology accelerates evaporation for instant comfort. Xirotex™ draws perspiration and bacteria away from the body through its innovative capillary structure and dual-layer fabric construction.

Xirotex™ rapidly eliminates moisture, odour and bacteria from the skin’s surface. Xirotex™ is the Ferrari of moisture management technology, moving moisture away from the body faster than any other brand using naturally blended luxe fabrics. Xirotex™ is used in our Luxe collection exclusively.

How it Works

Xirotex™ moves moisture and bacteria away from the body through a combination of its innovative capillary structure and dual-layer fabric construction.

The innovation behind Xirotex™ is its push-pull mechanism. Moisture is pulled from the skin to the garment’s surface where it’s then pushed into the air through the process of evaporation. Skin is left feeling completely dry in under 10-seconds.

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Proven Moisture & Odour Control

Independent lab tests (measured using standard MMT & OMMC test protocols) show that Xirotex™ is highly effective at eliminating perspiration and bacteria. When compared against 5 other sleepwear brands claiming relief of night sweats Xirotex™ fabrics are 6-10x more effective at eliminating moisture.

Lusomé commissioned this innovative new technology from the world’s largest and most premier producer of activewear fabrics. Our objective was to deliver the high-performance of an activewear brand in a naturally blended and luxuriously soft fabric.

Everyday Moisture Management

In our efforts to make our technology available for all, we developed a technical fabric that has similar performance and properties of Xirotex™ at 30% lower prices.

The fabric used for our Everyday collection is considered the BMW of moisture management fabrics, excellent performance and speed in how quickly moisture is moved away from the skin. The performance is approximately 70% of the performance of Xirotex™.

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